The Cutest Message of Hope

The pandemic was (and still is!) hard, but it was especially hard on kids. Kids are totally social creatures, and the anti-pandemic measures took almost every social contact from them. No school: remote schooling can’t reproduce the talk and jokes during the lecture, the games at the break, the confidential discussions with a best friend. Lockdown: no strolling around with a bunch of friends, no climbing trees, no playing football, no kite flying, no visits and no visiting. Being confined to an apartment and glued to a screen was taking its toll …

So when we asked a 8 year old Mila from Slovenia how it’s going, how does she feel and what does she hope for, she started to sulk – but when we told her that her message could fly into the sky somewhere on the world, her eyes lit up, she ran into her room and drew this picture:



She drew her sister, her friend, and herself, on a flowery meadow under the sun, with a kite rising up into the sky.

Her message was: “My biggest wish is for everyone to be happy, healthy. nice, and that we could soon meet. I hope I will be able to see my friend Kristina soon.” She added a heart with “health” inside.

The next step in the Strings of Hope pipeline was to find a kiter that will lift her message into the sky. And soon we got a response from two great kite flyers Cisca and Peter (and their kite flying dog Boris!) of the Colors in the Sky kite club from Netherlands. Cisca and Peter were totally excited to fly the message of Mila above the polders. We sent them the message and they sent us back a video of Mila’s Message of Hope flying into the sky – with a twist.

At the end they wrote a nice message for Mila – in Slovene language! “Mila, stay healthy, and we hope you will see your friend Kristina soon! Best regards from Cisca and Peter, Netherlands.

The story didn’t end there: Mila wrote them a thank you note and with a little help she translated it into Dutch language.

This is what Strings of Hope is all about. Connecting people, making friends, exploring the world and spreading hope. Check out the video – and feel the power of hope!