Create your Message of Hope

Write your Message of Hope and share it with us. A kite flyer somewhere will fly it into the sky on a kite line – a String of Hope.

We actually don’t need your name or anything – you can write your nickname, you can invent a country you live in, or leave it all blank (though it’s cool to see from who and from where a Message of Hope came, and where did it fly).

But we, and the world, need your Message of hope.

Note: if you choose “My message is for everyone” option below, the video of your message flying will be shared on the Messages of Hope tab. If you choose “My message is private” instead, the video will not be published. And if a kid would like to share a message, feel free to add kid’s age in the “Name” field, so everyone will know how young she or he is!

If you wish to receive the video via e-mail, share it. We will not use it for anything else.

Share it only if you wish to receive the video of your message flying. We don't need your e-mail for anything else.