Welcome to the Strings of Hope!

Strings of Hope is a global initiative that connects people of the world with kite flyers for one goal: to spread the thing we need the most in this difficult times – hope. We want to show the world that hope always prevails; that we are one big caring family – that there is just One World under One Sky.

Anyone can write a Message of Hope and share it, and a kite flyer somewhere will lift it on a kite line so the message can reach the sky – and everyone in the world.

The principle is simple: if you don’t have a kite, write a Message of Hope and share it with us. Use a form here, or get in touch with us on Facebook or Twitter. One of our kite flyers will pick it up, print it, and fly it into the sky.

And if you do have a kite, then get a message, print it, and fly it up high like this:

What kind of message should you write? It doesn’t matter! Whatever gives you hope; you can write a secret message to your love or a bold message to the world powers; a thought from the bottom of your heart or something that will move hearts of people. You need hope and you give hope, we just make sure your message reaches the sky.

That said, we do have a general topic of sorts. In 2021 we chose hope in the time of the pandemic. We honoured frontline fighters – nurses, doctors, scientists, teachers, farmers, entertainers and the like. We shared intimate Messages of Hope from people who were afraid, who were fighting the disease, who were faced with loss and devastation – but never lost hope.

This year we chose an even more pressing topic: climate change. As the climate continues to wreak havoc on our communities, and the powers that be continue to ignore it at our peril, the only hope we have is us. We must act, and we must force those who are in power to act now. There is no planet B!

So write a message to them and to the world. Tell everyone how you feel, what you wish, where do you find hope, and how you give hope. And your Message of Hope will fly into the sky on a kite line – to reach everyone in this world.

Thank you!

(More questions? Head over to our FAQ page!)

Download the Strings of Hope graphic material (logotype, and and supplemental visuals) here (.zip file, 11,1 MB):

Global partners of Strings of Hope initiative:
Ministry of Culture, Government of India;
Embassy of Republic of Slovenia in India;
KAP Jasa – Team Slovenia;
Croatian Kite Association;
Kites for Peace Zimbabwe;
KiteLife Foundation, Kerala;
Tunisia International Kite Association;
Colors in the Sky, Netherlands;
One India Kite Team;
One Tunisia Kite Team;
Dr.Agon kites;
LocalAhmedabad Media;
Earth Hour Tunisia;
And over 200 kite flyers, artists, writers, and creators of Messages of Hope from all over the world.

With special thanks to Her Excellency Madam Namrata S. Kumar, Ambassador of India in Slovenia